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Ideas, words, books... stories to film, TV, games, augmented and virtual reality



Great news --  The Espectros Ghosts augmented reality franchise series wins 

in the 

Canada Media Fund / Colombia Proimagenes 2018 Co-Development competition!

Lorenzo collaborating as interactive writer, game design co-developer 

and co-executive producer with V-Cinema.

The Pilot Prototype is advancing in 2019


opportunities for involvement in further coproduction

of formats and international distribution.

The Oniria VR eMotion dream animated web TV series, game, eComics IP 

was short-listed for the above competition in 2017,

Lorenzo writing -coproducing with V-Cinema.

Other works involving Lorenzo's collaboration...

MegaZebra new interactive story games. 

(IP series currently confidential. TBA.)

Franchise development writing 

3 different narrative app game series.

Dead of Winter  (aka Snow Spirit / Jade)

Script doctor, consulting producer

for this feature film suspense horror 

slated for 2019 coproduction

in Canada and China.

Neelan  /  Anti-Buddies

Sci-fi action animated feature film.

Story consultant.  Lorenzo to adapt 

the French script into U.S. English.

Adapting books such as the Crossing The Rubicon trilogy of novels to TV series,
writing episode outlines for season one, related materials for marketing

these breathtaking romantic sci-fi action adventures.

Lorenzo is further involved as an executive producer
for the 

international coproduction completion financing 

of the $25M Season 1, Episodes 1-7, 

Crossing The Rubicon series 

with partners 

MMC / Beta Films / NBC Universal International...


Germany, France and Spain 

attracting broadcasters 

before shooting begins 

in Canada, Mexico, France, Hungary and Spain (Canary Islands).

Contact Lorenzo for complementary involvement opportunities 

regarding financing, coproduction and broadcast pre-sales.


Lorenzo Orzari 

is a

writer - narrative designer - content adapter - story editor - producer 

- multi-format content transformer
of graphic novels, comic series, franchise IPs, 

true-life books and novels to 

film - TV - transmedia 

marketing materials and scripts for 

finance, production and distribution.

From writing to producing, he continually explores evolving
storytelling techniques.

He works on action, adventure, romance, crime dramas, horrors, thrillers,
fantasies, comedies, real-life documentary dramatizations...
with dynamic creativity and team solutions.

Works include co-writing action sci-fi like Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2,
released by Columbia TriStar,
comedies like Meatballs IV  for Cinepix,
to horrors like My Bloody Valentine 2 sold to Lionsgate.

Co-writing several feature film-TV-game franchise properties
with award-winning writer-producer John Dunning. 

Co-curating the John Dunning Vault
of feature film-TV series-game franchise properties
available for further development and coproduction.

Writing-producing the Impostor feature film-TV series-game franchise
selected as a finalist in the Whistler Film Festival
Gateway initiative for coproduction in Canada and China.

Co-writing The Killing Boys social crime drama low-budget feature,
Official Selection at the 2009 Festival of New Cinema.

Adapting / translating episodes for numerous TV series like Xcalibur...

Writing episodes for series like The Boy
and Jacques Cousteau's Ocean Tales... 

Creating the Unknown Dimensions series
for which he wrote and directed the pilot episode.

Story editing TV series and script doctoring feature films
such as To Walk with Lions released by 20th Century Fox.


Ready for the future, Lorenzo is the creator and developer of VRealFeel content
with cross-promotional property tie-ins
for new eMotional VR and augmented reality experiences.

To communicate heartfelt emotions in powerful stories, Lorenzo translates (French and Italian to English) content
for international coproductions
for TV series and feature films such as the 3D/2D animated Fearless Child presented
at recent Rome and Toronto festivals.

He has localized properties for:  Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, L.A., New York, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Paris, Milan, Munich, London, Chongqing, Shanghai.

Integrated Experience


From concepts, pitches, writing of content, to production and marketing,
Lorenzo's works on books and scripts are always one step ahead
for production deadlines, supported with his experience
in the following capacities:

VP Development and Production

Partner, Company Co-Founder

Producer - Director - Audio-Visuals Editor

Post-production Director / Supervisor

(Dialog, Narration, Dubbing and Subtitles)

Analyst for funding agencies, production-distribution companies

Content, Services to Boost Your Dream Projects


Lorenzo is constantly generating new properties, providing adaptations
writing - producing solutions for film, TV, augmented reality, VR,
live action and 3D animated in converging realities
with book, theater, lyrics, web,
game franchise transmedia,
from creation to distribution 


domestic and international coproductions.

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Lorenzo Orzari - Writer Adapter Producer

Generating IPs in his Content Factory, Movimento Entertainment Inc.

Film TV books AR VR games transmedia entertainment for Canada, the U.S., U.K./Europe, Africa, China, the world!

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